Sunday, 17 April 2011

Whoa hoa!!!! Jackpot coat!

Wow do I feel lucky today! My girlfriend brought over this totally awesome dark green suede coat and another grey jacket. She wants me to take the zipper out of the green suede coat and put it into the grey jacket. Now here is the jackpot - she does not want the suede coat back as she hates the color. Can you say new designer green suede purse for me??? Now I might just have somewhere to put the purple zipper flowers, will let you know. I will have to make her one also just to let her know that things can be repurposed - even if you don't like the color. She just might love the purse color and all. Ha!

Green Suede Coat with lining
Smile like your guilty! I feel like I'm stealing a material stash.

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