Sunday, 17 April 2011

Laundry Day

Good morning all,
Today is laundry day for me. Now, that does not mean just a load or two. It means stripping the beds down to matress, vacumming the matress and washing all the sheets, pillowcases, undercover, blankets and bedspread. I really hate that part - you see, I have a kingsize bed and because of the way the stairs are in our house, can not get the bed upstairs to a bedroom. I paid over $3,000.00 for that stupid bed when I really wanted to get two single beds. Anyway that is another story. Back to the kingsize bed - we can not get it upstairs to the bedroom so have had to set it up in the diningroom. If you think of a square divided into 4 equal portions - that is my main floor. Well the diningroom is the only room that would fit my bed. We have the room blocked off from the kitchen and the living room. The room itself is small - period! It fits my kingsize bed and one dresser with just enough room to get in and out the bed through one side. The open side. The bed fits the room on three sides. Did I say the room was really small? Stripping the bed is easier than trying to make it from one side. I have come to realize that you can not throw the sheets and the blankets onto the bed and let air catch under the sheets to get it to settle on the other side. Like they do in the commercials for bounce sheets or fabric softeners. It just does not work. With my bed you have to climb over the whole surface to get to tuck the fitted corners on, and try to keep it as smooth as glass is an understatement. So I try rolling around, flipping over and over, and pulling the sheets to get it smooth and on the bed. Exercise anyone? People you will need to try this to get some exercise into your day! It is not easy. I love clean sheets - the smell, the way it feels, the comfortableness. I sleep so much better. I would have clean sheets on my bed everyday if it were easier to do. Alas! it is not, so I go through this routine and exercise program once per week. Usually on Sundays because that is an official day off of work for me, and I don't have to go anywhere. So sad as it is, today is laundry day, now where did I put the Purex? Haha

Smile like your guilty! It is the thought that counts

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