Friday, 15 April 2011

Good Morning Flowers!

I guess that you can say the flowers are just starting to bloom here in my little world. This morning with my coffee I made zipper flowers. Yup I said that right. I was travelling the internet yesterday to see what I could find on any crafts to do with zippers. I visited my favorite store last week and came across about 1000 feet of purple zipper. No pulls or ends just continuous zipper. Wow what a steal - it was part of my $5.00 bag day. So now what to do with it? I was shocked to see such incredible talent out there in blogland. I saw zipper flowers, zipper necklaces, zipper bracelets, zipper shoe ornamentation, zipper purses, and wow o wow the incredible talent of some people. I am, I have to say a copier first and foremost. I can borrow someone elses idea and expand or create from there. The only truely original idea I had was the Bingo/Sports BagCushion. I am waiting nervously to show you that one. But that is another blog. So I sat sipping my coffee with utter amazement as my zipper flower came together this morning. I was applying my sewing skills to create something totally awesome. I was surprised they came together so quickly that before I had my first coffee gone I had made two of them. In all their purple glory. I will not give instructions here as so many other people have them listed on their websites that I just possibly could not show you any better. Check them out. I am posting this for now but I will add the pictures of my two beauties later today.

Smile like your guilty!~ It will keep everyone wondering.

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