Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Holiday Begins!

Hi all,

Today - now - is the official start for my mini holiday. The crafts at the library are done. I brought my camera but in all the jollyness I forgot to take pictures. M'I bad? The kids had a great time painting their flowers for mom. Lots of reds and yellows and some even striped. They looked great. I cut a piece of gold cording and tied it on one end for mom to hang it. So now comes several days off for me. I could be busy sewing more designer bags. I made my daughter a shoulder book bag today and tested it out bringing my books home from the library. It held up beautifully and I know that she has alot less books than I get. I could clean my house from top to bottom but that would involve working, in the house. After all I have the next 5 days off to do what I will do and it should involve fun, creative stuff, right? I do laundry and housework all the time, so I should deserve some me time and I think I will take it.

Smile like your guilty! I'm off for my mini holiday time.

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