Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Several Days Off

It just sunk into my head that I have the next few days off - after doing the craft tomorrow with the kids at the library. Wow! What can I make? sew? clean? bake? Watch? Do????? So many choices!!! After tomorrow I do not go back to work until next Wednesday. It is like a mini holiday. I have been touring through different sites lately and can not believe all that I see from what it is made out of. There are so many crafty, talented people out there with the ingenuity to create beautiful things out of thrown out or discarded  materials. I do not consider myself a designer but I do love to sew. I have a back yard that looks like it goes on forever. It just looks that way. Empty field behind our property line. I really would like to do something with it this summer to spruce it up. I was checking out one site where the lady had done a corner of her yard into a fenced in area using old doors and crib rails. Totally awesome and inspiring. You will just have to check out her site to see it.  I have included her link here.

It makes me want to do something similar to my yard. Except it would be like entering the abyss because of the empty field. I could alway do it to my front yard and make everyone walk through the arches to get to the front door. What do you think?

Smile like your guilty! Ideas are everywhere.

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