Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Good Day and such

Today is a good day. The headache left sometime yesterday and I had a good nights sleep so I am feeling great. I did not get the pretty paper yet for the bookshelf, maybe that will happen today. I did get the shelves in place and it brightens up that dark staircase area. I am going shopping today for groceries, paying bills - yuck, and going to the dollar store -yah! I hate grocery shopping but I guess we have to eat. I try to plan out our meals but never really feel like eating what we are supposed to have for that night. Different taste buds than what is on the menu. Give me pizza - any pizza and it could be supper. Hubby thinks that pizza should be a snack and after eating 3 large pieces will go in search of more food while if I ate that much would be rolling around trying to digest it.

Paying bills is never any fun and takes alot of the money. I really disagree that I have to work 45 minutes to buy one 4 litre bag of milk. Milk in our corner of the world is $7.15 and goes so fast around my house. Did you ever stop and think how much of your wage hourly goes to buy food. There should be a law against food being so expensive and the corporations gaining so much profit. Self don't get me started on what the government should cut back on!

For a treat to ourselves last night we went out to our local little restaurant. M is a great cook and provides such great service with reasonable prices. She also provides hot lunches to the school kids for a descent price. She was saying that with the price of food rising she might end up going under this year. She really does not want to raise her prices but ultimately will not have a choice, she keeps her costs down low enough so she can run the only restaurant in a 26 km area. Since the price is going up on everything lately she is having a hard time making ends meet and wakes up constantly throughout the night worrying. I feel for the little businesses that are struggling to provide service to people. The corporations will not go under - it will be the little businesses. Why can't the government do something to correct this. Tax breaks are alway given to the corporations so they can get fatter. Anyway - now I am rambling so I will leave you with this thought for the day - 

Smile like your guilty - who knows maybe you are?

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