Sunday, 24 April 2011

How to tie a Tie

This is a tutorial on how to tie a tie for all you male searchers.

Place the tie behind your neck with the skinny end on the right side of your body. Now adjust the length of the skinny end of the tie to come about 1 hand width above your belt. (If you place your left hand above the top of your pants on your stomach and adjust the skinny side of your tie to touch the top of your hand,  you should be about the right length for your tie).

Now comes the tricker stuff... but not too difficult
1. Hold the skinny end of the tie with your right hand in front of you until I say let go.
2. You take the left side of the tie and wrap it over top of the right side bringing it between your right hand and chest, coming up to the left side of your body again.
3. You then put the same one side over the top of the right side one more time and bring the end up between the twist in the tie and your neck. Let go of the tie with the right hand.
4. You should now see a bottom loop that you have made, push the left side of the tie down through that loop and pull the right side of the tie to tighten. You should now have a sliding knot.
You can now adjust the length of the knot to suit the size of your neck.  Enjoy!!!

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