Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Designing Purses

I went shopping yesterday at my favorite store, you guessed it - The Thrift Store. I managed to pick up 30 items of clothing to make more designer purses (in all the colors that I liked). I also got a deal on mega piles of big spool thread, a small hole punch, over 50 long pieces of lace, elastic bands, blanket binding and zippers and all of it in three rubbermaid containers and two boxes. The lady only charged me $15.00. Bag days again. One large garbage bag full of clothing for $5.00 and she had all this sewing stuff that she gave to me for $10.00. I was in my glory!!! I shall not want. Rather than post each designer purse I will wait until I have several done.

Feast your eyes on these colors! They are gonna make some really pretty designer bags!

Smile like your guilty! Have a great day.

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