Monday, 18 April 2011

My Friends Designer Purse

Hi all,

Remember the friends dark green suede jacket from last night? Well now she has a one of a kind designer bag purse. I made it reversible so she can decide what side should be out. Her jacket zipper is in and all is ready for her to pickup. The bag purse believe it or not was actually the hood of the jacket with pieces inserted to complete the reversibility (shh don't tell anyone). I have the rest of the jacket for my designer purse. Pretty cool huh? Do you think that she will like it?

Green Suede Purse

The fashionable side of the purse

Smile like you guilty! Even if you aren't.


  1. Oh, wow! I love the green bag! It's beautiful! You make them? That is an amazing talent you have.

  2. Thank you! Yes I made it this morning. I love taking discarded clothing and such (material) and making it into something that I can use,or can be used by others. I do not have a pattern I just eyeball it.