Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Holiday coming to an end

Well it's almost official - my mini holiday is coming to an end. I cleaned a little, sewed a little, did a little laundry and made a fantastic turkey dinner for Easter (I know that you are supposed to have ham) but we don't get turkey that often so we decided to go with it. Yesterday was beautiful and I got to meet my little 5 year old neighbor. She is a cute little thing, blonde hair and blue eyes. I finally had to tell her that I could not come out to sit and talk, as that was about the 4th time she was at my door, and I was trying to get through "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert for our book club at the library which meets this coming Thursday. I have seen the movie but it is just not the same as reading the book. I have enjoyed my time off and in deciding not to do a whole lot of work at home, I've paced slowly through it. I enjoyed the me time, leisurely.

Smile like your guilty! For tomorrow I'm back to work.

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  1. Sure glad to see you take some 'me' time girl. We all need it to recharge our batteries and to be ready for the next round.