Friday, 29 April 2011

Lots of Time

Hi all,

I have made it through my 3 days back at work after having that mini holiday. I know, I know it sure sucks to be me??? I do love my job at the library. Work for three days a week, get to have fun with kids with no parental responsibilities, and plan more programs. I planned a special morning just for seniors and only two people should up. Can't say as I blamed them, it was raining and what better time to stay indoors. Maybe people are more willing to get out of the house when it is nice. It has rained here most of the week, but the sun came out today and it was nice. Now I have more time off - til next Wednesday. I was approach last night about taking on a big responsibility but I can not let the cat out of the bag just yet. That will come later.
For now I am going to enjoy taking my time and having these days free.

Smile like your guilty! Something is brewing.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Holiday coming to an end

Well it's almost official - my mini holiday is coming to an end. I cleaned a little, sewed a little, did a little laundry and made a fantastic turkey dinner for Easter (I know that you are supposed to have ham) but we don't get turkey that often so we decided to go with it. Yesterday was beautiful and I got to meet my little 5 year old neighbor. She is a cute little thing, blonde hair and blue eyes. I finally had to tell her that I could not come out to sit and talk, as that was about the 4th time she was at my door, and I was trying to get through "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert for our book club at the library which meets this coming Thursday. I have seen the movie but it is just not the same as reading the book. I have enjoyed my time off and in deciding not to do a whole lot of work at home, I've paced slowly through it. I enjoyed the me time, leisurely.

Smile like your guilty! For tomorrow I'm back to work.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

How to tie a Tie

This is a tutorial on how to tie a tie for all you male searchers.

Place the tie behind your neck with the skinny end on the right side of your body. Now adjust the length of the skinny end of the tie to come about 1 hand width above your belt. (If you place your left hand above the top of your pants on your stomach and adjust the skinny side of your tie to touch the top of your hand,  you should be about the right length for your tie).

Now comes the tricker stuff... but not too difficult
1. Hold the skinny end of the tie with your right hand in front of you until I say let go.
2. You take the left side of the tie and wrap it over top of the right side bringing it between your right hand and chest, coming up to the left side of your body again.
3. You then put the same one side over the top of the right side one more time and bring the end up between the twist in the tie and your neck. Let go of the tie with the right hand.
4. You should now see a bottom loop that you have made, push the left side of the tie down through that loop and pull the right side of the tie to tighten. You should now have a sliding knot.
You can now adjust the length of the knot to suit the size of your neck.  Enjoy!!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Holiday Begins!

Hi all,

Today - now - is the official start for my mini holiday. The crafts at the library are done. I brought my camera but in all the jollyness I forgot to take pictures. M'I bad? The kids had a great time painting their flowers for mom. Lots of reds and yellows and some even striped. They looked great. I cut a piece of gold cording and tied it on one end for mom to hang it. So now comes several days off for me. I could be busy sewing more designer bags. I made my daughter a shoulder book bag today and tested it out bringing my books home from the library. It held up beautifully and I know that she has alot less books than I get. I could clean my house from top to bottom but that would involve working, in the house. After all I have the next 5 days off to do what I will do and it should involve fun, creative stuff, right? I do laundry and housework all the time, so I should deserve some me time and I think I will take it.

Smile like your guilty! I'm off for my mini holiday time.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Several Days Off

It just sunk into my head that I have the next few days off - after doing the craft tomorrow with the kids at the library. Wow! What can I make? sew? clean? bake? Watch? Do????? So many choices!!! After tomorrow I do not go back to work until next Wednesday. It is like a mini holiday. I have been touring through different sites lately and can not believe all that I see from what it is made out of. There are so many crafty, talented people out there with the ingenuity to create beautiful things out of thrown out or discarded  materials. I do not consider myself a designer but I do love to sew. I have a back yard that looks like it goes on forever. It just looks that way. Empty field behind our property line. I really would like to do something with it this summer to spruce it up. I was checking out one site where the lady had done a corner of her yard into a fenced in area using old doors and crib rails. Totally awesome and inspiring. You will just have to check out her site to see it.  I have included her link here.

It makes me want to do something similar to my yard. Except it would be like entering the abyss because of the empty field. I could alway do it to my front yard and make everyone walk through the arches to get to the front door. What do you think?

Smile like your guilty! Ideas are everywhere.

Designing Purses

I went shopping yesterday at my favorite store, you guessed it - The Thrift Store. I managed to pick up 30 items of clothing to make more designer purses (in all the colors that I liked). I also got a deal on mega piles of big spool thread, a small hole punch, over 50 long pieces of lace, elastic bands, blanket binding and zippers and all of it in three rubbermaid containers and two boxes. The lady only charged me $15.00. Bag days again. One large garbage bag full of clothing for $5.00 and she had all this sewing stuff that she gave to me for $10.00. I was in my glory!!! I shall not want. Rather than post each designer purse I will wait until I have several done.

Feast your eyes on these colors! They are gonna make some really pretty designer bags!

Smile like your guilty! Have a great day.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Designer Purse Two

Well it took me a little while to get this one made. Not really. I was up at 5 this morning and decided to have a nap this afternoon. I still have enough of the green suede jacket to get maybe two more designer purses. Wow! I just love material and a challenge. Here are the photos of Purse Two. It is also reversible. Notice the big pockets that are on the Green Suede Side both front and back?

Front View

Back View

Fashionable Side Front View (Turning the purse inside out)

Fashionable Side Back View

Smile like your guilty! It will keep people wondering what your up to.

My Friends Designer Purse

Hi all,

Remember the friends dark green suede jacket from last night? Well now she has a one of a kind designer bag purse. I made it reversible so she can decide what side should be out. Her jacket zipper is in and all is ready for her to pickup. The bag purse believe it or not was actually the hood of the jacket with pieces inserted to complete the reversibility (shh don't tell anyone). I have the rest of the jacket for my designer purse. Pretty cool huh? Do you think that she will like it?

Green Suede Purse

The fashionable side of the purse

Smile like you guilty! Even if you aren't.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Whoa hoa!!!! Jackpot coat!

Wow do I feel lucky today! My girlfriend brought over this totally awesome dark green suede coat and another grey jacket. She wants me to take the zipper out of the green suede coat and put it into the grey jacket. Now here is the jackpot - she does not want the suede coat back as she hates the color. Can you say new designer green suede purse for me??? Now I might just have somewhere to put the purple zipper flowers, will let you know. I will have to make her one also just to let her know that things can be repurposed - even if you don't like the color. She just might love the purse color and all. Ha!

Green Suede Coat with lining
Smile like your guilty! I feel like I'm stealing a material stash.

Laundry Day

Good morning all,
Today is laundry day for me. Now, that does not mean just a load or two. It means stripping the beds down to matress, vacumming the matress and washing all the sheets, pillowcases, undercover, blankets and bedspread. I really hate that part - you see, I have a kingsize bed and because of the way the stairs are in our house, can not get the bed upstairs to a bedroom. I paid over $3,000.00 for that stupid bed when I really wanted to get two single beds. Anyway that is another story. Back to the kingsize bed - we can not get it upstairs to the bedroom so have had to set it up in the diningroom. If you think of a square divided into 4 equal portions - that is my main floor. Well the diningroom is the only room that would fit my bed. We have the room blocked off from the kitchen and the living room. The room itself is small - period! It fits my kingsize bed and one dresser with just enough room to get in and out the bed through one side. The open side. The bed fits the room on three sides. Did I say the room was really small? Stripping the bed is easier than trying to make it from one side. I have come to realize that you can not throw the sheets and the blankets onto the bed and let air catch under the sheets to get it to settle on the other side. Like they do in the commercials for bounce sheets or fabric softeners. It just does not work. With my bed you have to climb over the whole surface to get to tuck the fitted corners on, and try to keep it as smooth as glass is an understatement. So I try rolling around, flipping over and over, and pulling the sheets to get it smooth and on the bed. Exercise anyone? People you will need to try this to get some exercise into your day! It is not easy. I love clean sheets - the smell, the way it feels, the comfortableness. I sleep so much better. I would have clean sheets on my bed everyday if it were easier to do. Alas! it is not, so I go through this routine and exercise program once per week. Usually on Sundays because that is an official day off of work for me, and I don't have to go anywhere. So sad as it is, today is laundry day, now where did I put the Purex? Haha

Smile like your guilty! It is the thought that counts

Friday, 15 April 2011

Purple Flowers

As I promised, here is the purple zipper flowers that I was able to make with my morning coffee. Aren't they just darling? Maybe I will try a necklace next? Who knows.

Smile like your guilty!

Good Morning Flowers!

I guess that you can say the flowers are just starting to bloom here in my little world. This morning with my coffee I made zipper flowers. Yup I said that right. I was travelling the internet yesterday to see what I could find on any crafts to do with zippers. I visited my favorite store last week and came across about 1000 feet of purple zipper. No pulls or ends just continuous zipper. Wow what a steal - it was part of my $5.00 bag day. So now what to do with it? I was shocked to see such incredible talent out there in blogland. I saw zipper flowers, zipper necklaces, zipper bracelets, zipper shoe ornamentation, zipper purses, and wow o wow the incredible talent of some people. I am, I have to say a copier first and foremost. I can borrow someone elses idea and expand or create from there. The only truely original idea I had was the Bingo/Sports BagCushion. I am waiting nervously to show you that one. But that is another blog. So I sat sipping my coffee with utter amazement as my zipper flower came together this morning. I was applying my sewing skills to create something totally awesome. I was surprised they came together so quickly that before I had my first coffee gone I had made two of them. In all their purple glory. I will not give instructions here as so many other people have them listed on their websites that I just possibly could not show you any better. Check them out. I am posting this for now but I will add the pictures of my two beauties later today.

Smile like your guilty!~ It will keep everyone wondering.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

What to blog today?

Well my Thursday workday is over. It was extremely busy in the library today. It seemed like everybody and his sister was in for something or other. We had computer classes, the deliveries of items coming in for shelving and holds, kids wanting to get onto the computers and people looking for whatever. All I have to say is fueeeee? I love working at the library, it is so much fun. But I am glad that tomorrow will be a little slower. Next week will be more fun as I have a craft planned for the kids to make a mother's day gift. Painting is one craft that they do well. So it should be a hoot watching all the little brushes busy with all the different colours and the little faces contorted in what I like to call imagination and creativity.

So now is the time for a good joke, right?
Q: How do you know that an elephant has been in your fridge?
A: Footprints in the cheesecake.

Q: How do you put a giraffe in the fridge?
A: Silly - you have to take the elephant out first.

The kids love that one. Remember I have to keep it clean for the kids.

Smile like your guilty! Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

those northern skies: the tucker method of organization#comment-form

those northern skies: the tucker method of organization#comment-form

I finally found out what my method of organizing is! This lady explains it perfectly in her blog. Check it out. I shall never be lost in my sea of craft things now that I know I can use the tucker method.

Smile like your guilty.

Work day - yippy!

Today I am back to work! I love working, it makes my days go by so fast. I will continue making the mother's day tp flowers so the kids can paint them. I did not make it to the dollar store yesterday to get the pretty paper for the shelves and I have not sewn anything lately. I spent the weekend trying to figure out how to get a closet in my spare bedroom. I bought a piece of PVC pipe, a length of aircraft cable and the eye hooks. I will let you know how I make out when I can find a stud to hang it up. I drilled one hole last night and missed. ops. Then NCIS came on so I stopped to watch that and then NCIS Las Angelas. So it did not get completed. Oh well.

Smile like your guilty! Happy Birthday to all that are having a birthday today.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Good Day and such

Today is a good day. The headache left sometime yesterday and I had a good nights sleep so I am feeling great. I did not get the pretty paper yet for the bookshelf, maybe that will happen today. I did get the shelves in place and it brightens up that dark staircase area. I am going shopping today for groceries, paying bills - yuck, and going to the dollar store -yah! I hate grocery shopping but I guess we have to eat. I try to plan out our meals but never really feel like eating what we are supposed to have for that night. Different taste buds than what is on the menu. Give me pizza - any pizza and it could be supper. Hubby thinks that pizza should be a snack and after eating 3 large pieces will go in search of more food while if I ate that much would be rolling around trying to digest it.

Paying bills is never any fun and takes alot of the money. I really disagree that I have to work 45 minutes to buy one 4 litre bag of milk. Milk in our corner of the world is $7.15 and goes so fast around my house. Did you ever stop and think how much of your wage hourly goes to buy food. There should be a law against food being so expensive and the corporations gaining so much profit. Self don't get me started on what the government should cut back on!

For a treat to ourselves last night we went out to our local little restaurant. M is a great cook and provides such great service with reasonable prices. She also provides hot lunches to the school kids for a descent price. She was saying that with the price of food rising she might end up going under this year. She really does not want to raise her prices but ultimately will not have a choice, she keeps her costs down low enough so she can run the only restaurant in a 26 km area. Since the price is going up on everything lately she is having a hard time making ends meet and wakes up constantly throughout the night worrying. I feel for the little businesses that are struggling to provide service to people. The corporations will not go under - it will be the little businesses. Why can't the government do something to correct this. Tax breaks are alway given to the corporations so they can get fatter. Anyway - now I am rambling so I will leave you with this thought for the day - 

Smile like your guilty - who knows maybe you are?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday morning blahs

Good morning all,

It is Sunday morning and I am feeling crappy. I woke up with a bit of a headache and have been trying to shake it all day. I made breakfast this morning (hubby usually cooks) which consisted of oven baked bacon, oven baked scrambled eggs, home fries, and toast. Now with the breakfast ate, dishes in the dishwasher, patio furniture set up and everyones hair cut I am still not feeling all that great. I amaze myself that even with a rotten headache I am still functioning at all.

Headaches are not my thing. I would sooner give birth than have a headache or toothache. That is not a joke. Birthing was easy for me (thus 5 children) headaches I have suffered with most of my life. Once I actually was hospitalized for a headache and spent the week getting shots in the butt of pain killer every few hours. They had to put me in a room that was sound proof so that hospital noises would be shut out. All I heard was the sound of the headache vibrating in my ears. What a week that was. Finally after a gazillion needles and plenty of sleep it went away just as mysteriously as it began. I have been through CAT scans, Xrays, dieticians but to no avail. The doctors can not figure out what causes them.

So I try everything not to get a headache in the first place. Maybe some of you that experience the same type of pain can inform me?

Smile like you guilty! I think I'm going to go back to bed.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Two Hour Buns

Do you like the taste of hot bread and rolls right out of the oven? I like to eat- so I do! I do! I came across this recipe for buns that can be ready in two hours. How convenient is that? They are so easy to make and taste great from the oven or late at night with cream cheese and strawberry jam. Yum. Or just the jam. I love sharing recipes and so for all you warm oven bun fans - here it is.  Copy and paste this recipe to your files so you have it on hand. Enjoy. These buns can be frozen once cooked. When thawed they are so fresh.


3 cups warm water
1/3 cup oil
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
2 TBSP yeast
6 to 8 cups flour

Combine 3 cups of flour with 2 Tbsp yeast; stir. Mix in a large bowl 3 cups warm water, 1/3 cup oil, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tsp salt and 2 eggs. Add flour/yeast to liquid mixture. Mix well, then continue to add remaining flour until dough is smooth and not sticky. Let rise for 15 minutes, punch down and let rise for another  15 minutes. Punch down and make into buns. Let rise for 1 hour. Bake in 350 degrees oven for 15 to 18 minutes. Brush with margarine and remove from pans. Makes 4 dozen buns.

I found that if you roll them into golf sized balls and roll those like a short snake and put two snakes into a muffin tin standing up somewhat, makes them rise bigger.  Put the muffin tins in your oven with just the light on to wait for them to rise the 1 hour.

Smile like your guilty - of something! Happy day and warm buns.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Designer Purse

Wow - sometimes I even amaze myself. I seen this lovely patterned girls dress with black lining at the second hand store and knew that I just had to make a new purse for me. Total cost $2.00

This was the top half of the dress and all that I have left after making the purse.

This is the new purse with the black lining in tack.

New Purse from girls dress

Zippered doubled compartment

Don't you just love it? I know that I do. Now I have to buy red heels, black heels, and maybe a pair of grey heels to match my purse. Or maybe I will just have to make shoe bows to fit on a pair of black heels?
What do you think?

Repurposing drawers

The glue has dried and the first coat of paint is on the - now bookshelves. I choose to paint it in a gold/flesh color as the spot where I intend to put it is very dark.  My camera does not take too good of pictures - it still looks the same in this photo but there is one coat of paint on it. Believe me. A second coat, little fancy paper, small trim and top shelf and voila it will be done.

Will post after pictures when I have it completed.
Smile like your guilty!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Repurposed drawers

It has been a great day and I managed to get 19 toilet paper tubes glued together in a special configuration for our mother's day craft at the library. I need to get 30 done as we have about that many children take part. Mother's Day Crafts at the library always get a great turnout. Boy, mom's will surely be surprised by this one.

On another note, I found 4 dresser drawers that I will repurpose into a paperback bookshelf. The drawers are about 6 inches deep so it will be great for it. It is amazing what people throw out. They are in great shape.
I removed the hardware and glued them together.

Now I have them clamped together waiting for the glue to dry. Waiting is the hardest part.

Smile like your guilty! Happy drawer hunting!
Well it is Wednesday or as my friends say - hump day. This is the day that helps the rest of the week slide right through. I get to go to work today and am looking forward to glueing toilet paper tubes together for the childrens craft that we are doing on the 21st. They get to paint them. I tried to do a similar craft with them for St. Patrick's Day with making a shamrock and they had such problems getting the pieces to stick together and then there was no time left for the painting. It is a mother's day surprise that we will be working on so shhhhh don't tell anyone. I will have to take pictures to post of the finished products.

Smile like your guilty! Happy hump day!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Aloe Vera plant sprouts flower?

No joking! My aloe vera plant sprouted a flower. I was shocked to see that this could actually happen. Seeing it reach up to the ceiling while sitting on the ledge of my east facing kitchen window was amazing. I just had to take pictures of this wonderous show. It had a delicate shade of yellow bell shaped flower. After the flower part died off we noticed that it began growing shoots of new aloe vera plants from the outside base. My husband has been really busy repotting the original plant and all the babies that came off it. We have given some away and now have an abundance of the babies in a pot in that same east facing window. The first one is now in a huge pot in our livingroom. It continues to grow every which way and we have had to prop up some of the leaves with sticks. Enjoy the pictures and if you have heard of an Aloe Vera sprouting a flower - I would love to hear your story.

Smile like your guilty! Have a great day!