Monday, 4 April 2011

Aloe Vera plant sprouts flower?

No joking! My aloe vera plant sprouted a flower. I was shocked to see that this could actually happen. Seeing it reach up to the ceiling while sitting on the ledge of my east facing kitchen window was amazing. I just had to take pictures of this wonderous show. It had a delicate shade of yellow bell shaped flower. After the flower part died off we noticed that it began growing shoots of new aloe vera plants from the outside base. My husband has been really busy repotting the original plant and all the babies that came off it. We have given some away and now have an abundance of the babies in a pot in that same east facing window. The first one is now in a huge pot in our livingroom. It continues to grow every which way and we have had to prop up some of the leaves with sticks. Enjoy the pictures and if you have heard of an Aloe Vera sprouting a flower - I would love to hear your story.

Smile like your guilty! Have a great day!

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