Tuesday, 26 July 2011

It's done!

Yippy the outside of my house is done and the guys are gone. We have received so many complements since the work began. The guys did such a great job and they certainly have alot to smile about. I thought that I would have to paint the new window trim inside, but Kevin who is a sweetheart, did it all for me as part of their cleanup. I just have to paint the front railing around the porch. It looks like it will rain today so that will have to wait. So five new windows, 2 windowed doors, inside trim, and vinyl siding all around the house, 4 guys and 11 days and it is finished. What a feat!

What do you think - looks good yes?

Now - new side step, paint the porch floor and stairs, drywall 4 rooms, redo the back deck and voila - a brand new looking house. Not bad for being built in 1847. Oh and the beautiful large open space behind the house, what a view. I am loving it!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Taking shape

Well - the house is coming along nicely as you can see. A few more good days and the outside will be done.
The sun was shining earlier in the morning that one of the guys putting up the siding asked if we had a pair of sunglasses. The bright white off the siding was actually hurting his eyes.

Smile like your guilty! My house is almost done outside.

Almost there!

It has been almost a solid week that the guys have been working away. Most of the windows are in and it is starting to take shape. So many people have commented on how much difference it makes the house look.

Smile like your guilty! Tomorrow more pics.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I have been busy!!!

Wow! Time sure passes fast when you are .... I have been busy trying to get the house fixed. Finally it is happening. Here are the pictures to prove it.

will post more as we get done

smile like your guilty!